Three Easy Steps to Increase Retail Sales

Selling retail can sometimes be the hardest part of our job. We don’t spend a lot of time, if any, learning good selling skills in school. On the job, sometimes there’s a sales quota or incentive to sell products that creates pressure and a forced customer experience. As healers, we are mindful about pressuring our clients and don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable, even if that means sacrificing the sale. But it is our professional obligation to recommend and sell professional skin care products. We all know how important home care is and how it can enhance (or even ruin) the services we provide. Also, selling retail is the easiest way to increase your bottom line. At one point in my career, I was making more money selling product, then off my actual services!

Here is a simple three step plan to help you feel more comfortable asking for the sale and creating a wonderful client experience.

1. Identify The Clients Needs 

Thoughtout our services we are naturally gaining information about what are our customers needs. The client intake form can help direct us to what products they might be lacking and be a good opportunity to ask open ended questions. Asking open ended questions gives the client a great experience because they will feel like you care. Next, you have to be an active listener and clarify their answer – or reflective listen. (When your client tells you she doesn’t wear sunscreen and smokes, please try to prevent the eye roll, lol.) Reflective listening could look like “what I’m hearing is that you are most concerned about the brown spots on your face”.

2. Proposing A Solution 

Think about the best two to three products that will help your client. You will overwhelm your client if you offer more than three choices. Ask the client if you can show them the products you recommend. Asking empowers the client and puts them in control. Explain the target ingredient/s. Explaining could look like “this night cream has an active ingredient called Kojic Acid that prevents hyperpigmentation and this serum contains Vitamin A that increases cellular turnover”.  It is possible to over share and overwhelm your client. Stick to a few main features to talk about. Next, tell your client how the ingredient will benefit them. You could say “Kojic Acid will help to lessen the appearance of the dark spots and prevent them from forming. Vitamin A will also help to lessen the darkness of the spots by increasing exfoliation”. Always, always! allow the customer to touch the product. Studies tell us that if a client touches a product it increase perceived ownership and they are more likely to purchase it.

Recap: Ingredient – Benefit – How It Applies To Them

3. Ask For The Sale

Every one of your clients is there to buy something to help the skin care concerns you are addressing in the treatment room. It is your job to help them. Out of the choices presented you could say “which option feels right for you?” Then wait and listen, don’t fill the silence with chit chat. Showing patience is a customer service standard. Confirm the decision by reflectively listening. You could say “The Kojic Acid cream you choose is a great choice. Let me show you how and when to use it”. Next, verbally agree to a financial transaction. You could say “would you like me to add this to your service total today?”

If the client says no, go back to the process and start again. Identify needs, offer solutions and ask for the sale. It is not pushy to have a better understanding of what your client needs and make adjustments to your recommendations.

Following a sales process is an easier way to identify patterns of success!! Practice the process and it will become more natural!