Mission Statement

Hello Friend,

Our mission is to raise the bar for the type of education you have access to, thus elevating you as an elite skin care professional in the aesthetics industry.

Currently, education is provided by someone trying to sell you something or a brand manufacturer, so inherently bias exists. But I want better for you, I want better for our industry.

All of our curriculum is product neutral and focuses on the “why” and “what” backed by clinical data. Our curriculum is updated annually, incorporating the most current data and techniques. Our goal is to offer you the safest, and most effective evidence based curriculum available.

The service you provide is only as good as the training you receive. We aim to develop your skills, confidence and technique so you can do what you do best, offer your clients the highest level of care.

I look forward to partnering with you in your skin care journey.

All my best,

Millicent Russo
Integrated Aesthetics Institute

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