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    The microneedling class with Millicent was fun and extremely informative. She was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a very easy to understand way. I would highly recommend a class with her!

    Addison RoneyStudent

    I have known Millicent for many years and I can tell you if you have any anxiety or nerves about your procedures she is the most sensitive and caring clinician I know! She will listen and she cares! You can trust her to be responsive to your needs and feelings. She is truly a wonderful aesthetician!

    Kirsten SimonsgaardStudent

    Millicent is a class act of an instructor! I learned so much about microneedling during her class. We were given professional notes to take with us- they seemingly anticipated every question and provided thorough, research-based material.

    Jill AlbertsonStudent

    As an Instructor myself, I was very impressed with Milicent’s class! She is very knowledgeable, presents great scientific resources and has an extremely thorough presentation. All aspects of professional, medical, Microneedling were covered. She is also a delight to be around! I highly recommend her program and will watch to see what she will bring to the aesthetics industry in the future.

    Joanne StarkStudent