This class is designed for the skin care professional who wants to dive deeper into technique and theory then is what currently offered in our industry. Our advanced curriculum is completely compressive and covers everything you need to know! Students will trade with each other, so a model is not required. A custom Skin Script protocol and a proprietary melasma protocol is also included.

A certificate will be issued at the conclusion of class.

This certification course is fun, engaging and very informative! Our curriculum exceeds industry standards, offering you the safest and most effective treatment available. We’ve a 5 star rating!

The kit contains an EstheticPro Microneedling pen and we use the Exceed microneedling pen in class!


Microneedling is legal in the state of Arizona, read more about it here, and insurance is highly recommend. (Insurance referrals will be give at the time of class)

When you become an IAI alumni, you join an elite and far reaching group of the most successful aesthetic professionals in our industry. Read what they have to say about IAI Here and Here.

We cannot wait for you to join the Integrated Aesthetics family. Please contact us with any questions you have!