Advanced Extractions

Didn’t spend enough time learning and practicing extractions in school? Have you been practicing for a while and need some tips on technique? Been out of the industry for a while? Are you starting a medical aesthetics practice and want to learn how to properly perform extractions? Then this class is designed for you!

Types of impactions, why they happen and the various methods to extract them will be covered in detail. We discuss acne, however, the primary focus is on technique and the art of extractions. A licensed educator will coach you through every step of the extraction process.


Tuition includes: a kit with extraction tools, a full color manual, all the supplies needed for class/models, follow up resources, and unlimited alumni support. We want you to succeed and will provide as much support at you need! 

You will also be invited to our Advanced Extraction Facebook group so you can connect with other IAI alumni and share resources. You will also receive early access to anything new we launch: classes, tools, protocols, sales, ect. 


When you become an IAI alumni, you join an elite and far reaching group of the most successful aesthetic professionals in our industry. Read what they have to say about IAI Here and Here

We cannot wait for you to join the Integrated Aesthetics family. Please contact us with any questions you have!