Nanoneedling Infusion

Nanoneedling Infusion is the newest aesthetic treatment making a wave in our industry.  Your clients will see an immediate hydrating glow to their skin, and they can also achieve long term results targeting a variety of skin conditions. Understanding the difference between microneedling and nano needling infusion can be tricky. Demystify the difference here

Our next group classes are November 17th, 18th or 27th or held at the Palette Collective in the Chandler Village. Our 2020 classes, held at Skin Script, are: February 17th, June 22nd, and November 16th.

A special nanoneedling class will be held in conjunction with the Skin Script Empowerment Retreat on June 2nd, 2020. There will be free kit upgrades, a raffle and other fun surprises.All classes are held from 9-1pm. Everything is included in tuition. You do not need to bring anything extra. The curriculum is extremely thorough. You will learn how to create custom eye and lip treatments, and how to address various skin conditions with the added penetration of active ingredients. We will study the S.Corneum in detail to discover how very alive it is! Students will trade with each other. A certificate of competition will be issued. 

Private training is additional fee and is determined by location. 

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