Our 2020 class dates are: February 10th, March 23rd, April 20th, July 27th and October 19th.

A special microneedling class will be held in conjunction with the Skin Script Empowerment Retreat on May 29th, 2020. There will be free kit upgrades, a raffle and other fun surprises. 

All classes are held from 9-4pm. This class is designed for the skin care professional who wants to dive deeper into technique and theory. The curriculum is expanded and students will trade with each other, so a model is not required. A custom Skin Script microneedling protocol is also included. A certificate will be issued.

Private training is additional fee and is determined by location. 

Click here for registration information Our 2020 group classes held at Aesthetics Supplies by Bertha are: January 27th, February 27th and September 14th. All classes are held from 9:30-2:30pm. Everything is included in tuition. You do not need to bring anything extra. This class is designed for the budget conscious skin care professional. The curriculum is extremely thorough, but is condensed and a model must be provided. A certificate will be issued.

Microneedling is an advanced medical aesthetics treatment. This full day intensive cover the “why”. You will have an understanding of the biological processes at work when inducing collagen production. This understanding will allow you to combine and tailor treatments to your clients needs.

Prerequisites: A valid aesthetics license or higher and critical thinking skills.

Microneedling is legal in the state of Arizona, read more about it here, and insurance is highly recommend. (Insurance referrals will be give at the time of class)

Course Goals

  • To provide a detailed presentation of microneedling safety.
  • To provide an understating of treatable skin conditions and effects.
  • To highlight major microneedling brands.
  • To provide an overview of skin histology and physiology of the skin as it relates to micro needling treatment.
  • To teach how, why and when microneedling should be used in an aesthetic practice.
  • To understand the contraindications of microneedling.
  • To provide an understanding of the microneedling technique and needle depth used.
  • To understand the microneedling protocol in an aesthetic practice.
  • To provide an overview of synergetic treatment modalities.
  • To understand microneedling and the law.
  • To provide an understanding of patient charting and medical short hand.
  • To provide the student with all necessary information, tools and resources to create their own microneedling practice.
  • Insurance referrals
  • Marketing referrals

Click here to contact us for a private class.

A Kit is available for an additional $650

The kit contains an EstheticPro Microneedling pen. The pen has a lithium ion battery that can be charged with the included cord, has adjustable speeds and needle depths. It comes with a one year warranty. The Aesthetics Supplies by Bertha kit also contains numbing cream, preservative free saline solution, hylaronic acid and 10 tips. The Skin Script kit contains is expanded and contains 3 full retail size products. Tips are one use only and can be purchased here.